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Chaos Carnival 2022: From Monitoring to Observability: Left Shift your SLOs with Chaos - All Day DevOps 2021: From Monitoring to Observability: Left Shift your SLOs - All Day DevOps 2020: From Monitoring to Observability: Migration Challenges from Blackbox to Whitebox



There are many ways to learn, and also define Observability. This list is not exhaustive, a recommendation by individuals who have taken the trainings is preferred prior to adding a new entry.

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Prometheus Trainings PromLabs Prometheus, App instrumentation, Kubernetes @dnsmichi


Practical Kubernetes Monitoring with Prometheus

The slides provide a 4+ hours workshop, more details are available on Michael Friedrich's personal blog. The following topics will be practiced:

  • Monitoring, quo vadis puts the traditional monitoring in contrast to microservices.
  • Prometheus and Grafana shares the basic knowledge on Prometheus, PromQL, Service Discovery and terminology required to understand.
  • Kubernetes dives into understanding what to monitor, and how.
  • Prometheus Operator dives into the concept of the package, and kube-prometheus installing a full stack. You'll dive into the UI of Prometheus, Grafana and the Alert Manager.
  • K8s monitoring with Prometheus walks you through the - amazing - default Grafana dashboards, instructs you to deploy a Go demo app with the CRD ServiceMonitor, Container Metrics and kube-state-metrics exercises to practice PromQL queries.
  • Advanced Monitoring practices with a Python app and own metrics, deployed to the GitLab container registry and to Kubernetes to query with PromQL in Grafana dashboards. Storage with Thanos/Cortex, Service Discovery is touched as well.
  • Alerts and Escalations dives into the Alert Manager and rules, mapped into the PrometheusRule CRD.
  • SLA, SLO, SLI keeps you busy with learning about Service Level Objectives for your production environment, providing thoughts on CI/CD quality gates with Keptn - and the OpenSLO spec, Pyrra and Sloth.
  • Observability moves from Monitoring to metrics, logs, traces and beyond.
  • Secure Monitoring discusses TLS, secret management, Infrastructure as code workflows, Container security and RBAC & policies.
  • Ideas on more monitoring with Prometheus exporters, podtato-head, Chaos Engineering, etc.

A shorter version of the workshop as a talk was provided by Michael Friedrich at PromCon NA 2021, a zero day event at KubeCon NA.